About Stephen Bruno

Self-Portrait with a slight artistic embrace

I have worked in a variety of occupations, including artist, deputy tax assessor, magazine publisher, and editor, hypnotherapist, counselor, marketing manager for an aerospace corporation, director of a natural healing arts center, public relations coordinator, mental health executive director, life/business coach, and photographer.

I have 53+ years of combined experience serving people. I was the Executive Director of several mental health programs and crisis centers and worked as a therapist in two psychiatric hospitals. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. I have provided people spiritual readings and healings since 1970.

I was born in Reno, Nevada. After age five, I grew up in East Los Angeles. While in my early teens, the notorious White Fence gang recruited me into their gang.

My single-parent family later moved to Orange County in Southern California where I attended high school. I surfed in Huntington Beach, lettered in Track and Cross Country, and was the school paper Editor in Chief. I was the Editor in Chief of my college paper.

Drafted into the U.S. Army, I served a 14-month tour in Vietnam. I taught myself to speak Vietnamese with eager assistance from local Vietnamese. Subsequently, these same local Vietnamese introduced me to families where I shared meals. They introduced me to Buddhist Monks who offered me an opportunity to study with them during the remaining months of my military tour in my ‘off duty time. I learned ancient
techniques for meditation, Buddha’s art of energy-healing, sacred traditions, and more that I continue to practice today. I received the United States Army Bronze Star Medal while in Vietnam.

After my return to the U.S., I immediately re-enrolled in college to continue my Journalism studies. I received a suicide note from an older female classmate during my first week back to college. We both stood in the college parking lot that Friday morning talking for several hours until she drove home. She returned to class the following Monday, and I soon changed my major to Psychology.

I created and directed several non-profit social service organizations developed to serve the community. I was successful in writing state and federal grants. My knowledge of founding, directing, and funding non-profit services gives me expertise in coaching not-for-profit agencies and organizations.

In 1983, I founded and directed Southwest Institute, in Phoenix, Arizona. My comprehensive training provided students with Executive, Corporate, and Business Coaching techniques, principles, and methods. Southwest Institute also provided services to numerous businesses and corporations and to psychological, social service, law enforcement, judicial, medical, employee assistance, and education personnel. In addition, we provided diverse classes and workshops, now defined as Personal and Life Coaching, to the public.

Experience as the Marketing Manager for McDonnell Douglas Travel Company, a subsidiary of McDonnell Douglas (now the Boeing Corporation), and as the owner of several small businesses, provides me with the knowledge, and skills to coach corporate, and business clients.

A published author, I was the Publisher and Editor of the Northern Arizona Review, a monthly literary, art, and photography magazine. I also published a 20-page weekly advertiser. I organized and directed two national writers’ conferences in Oregon and Washington. I am currently working on several novels and nonfiction books.

An avid artist, photographer, and writer, I utilize creative arts in my coaching practice. I am an insatiable reader.

My spiritual journey has taken me to many places, and I have worked with people from all lifestyles. I bring a wide breadth of life experience, having lived and worked in diverse geographical areas, including Sedona, Arizona; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; San Luis Obispo, California; Crestline, California; Monterey, Phoenix, Arizona; California; Ashland, Oregon;  the Oregon Coast; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Truches, New Mexico; Reno, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Prescott, Arizona; Seattle Washington; Grand Junction, Colorado and more.

I have been where you are, and I know how frustrating, confusing and hopeless it can feel. I recovered from a serious life-threatening illness, which has increased my compassion, healing gifts, and sense of presence. You will leave the Life Coaching session renewed, re-energized and inspired!

I live in the charming small mountain town of Cedaredge, Colorado, among the friendly 2100 residents. Fifteen minutes up the majestic mountain is diverse wildlife, more than 300 lakes, and amazing nature.

Read my personal blog to learn more about me at https://stephenbrunoblog.com/

Visit my photography website at https://www.stephenbrunophotography.com/

Visit my Reiki Certification Classes website at https://certificationreikiclasses.com/

4 comments on “About Stephen Bruno

  1. healingbrain says:

    This is a really nice image of Stephen as he finally begins to show some signs of aging!

    • healingbrain says:

      (the image I was commenting on was a photoshopped one that has changed to this vibrant photo, so my reply is changing) . . Stephen has so many areas of expertise that it boggles the mind. . In addition to some of the areas he mentions above, he has helped me with distance-jogging, marriage and family therapy, understanding sociodrama, haiku poetry, philosophy from Thales through Spinoza, US history and politics, quantum physics, healing remedies, comedy, digital photography, and the universe. .

  2. Clarence O'Neil says:

    Stephen is an amazing presence of love, unconditional compassion, wisdom, patience, thankfulness and, he is the quintessence of a Reiki Master Teacher, extraordinaire and a beautiful soul . I was a student in his October 21-22, 2017 Reiki Master Teacher,class in Prescott, AZ. My life changed and I am part of a Soulful Stephen Bruno Reiki Family.
    Blessings of Love, Light, and Energy, Stephen & Reiki Family.


  3. Robert C says:

    Steven is a rock. He helped me by listening from a place of acceptance and assisted my own journey to self. I am so happy to know him and so thankful for him. Steven, thank you for continuing with me. You are always with me even if it is decades between connecting on the phone or in person. I hope you are enjoying this journey, especially an ever increasing connection to source as one in all. Much love and respect to you my friend. Robert C.

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