Brain Percentage Quote With Image

DSC_6334 copyj copy

This quote is from my new eBook available for purchase by May 2017, to begin the New Year with empowerment compassion and passion. Click on image to view larger.

It is one of my numerous diverse quotes combined with my original Fine Art Photography.

These quotes are created to provide intelligent, informative, entertaining and thought-provoking perspectives to improve your life. A wonderful resource to use as a guide for reflection and inspiration.

My quotes include (but are not limited to) personal development, lifestyle, psychology, physics, spirituality, photography, literature, health, culture, technology, writing, science, politics, humor, nature and wildlife.

You have my permission to share this post exactly as it is presented with the content and image.

2 comments on “Brain Percentage Quote With Image

  1. aeolosgia says:

    Looking forward to reading your book and knowing that so many others have access to your incredibly life changing wisdom and transformational perspectives is wonderful! 🙂 Blessings. Giacinta

  2. NLP Complete says:

    This one actually made me laugh…the kind of “ah ha” laugh where I got it!

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